NPR News Programs: StoryCorps

NPR News Programs: StoryCorpsStoryCorps is a non-profit organization. The purpose of StoryCorps is to orally document and spread the narratives of the people of our diverse nation. By doing this, the hope is to preserve the varied beliefs and backgrounds of Americans. Aspects of these recordings have been used to produce an oral history recording radio program featured on National Public Radio. The organization was formed in 2003. The inspiration for StoryCorps originated from the same ideas that brought about the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the 1930s. The WPA interviewed and recorded oral histories of many Americans to support their cultural interests.

Format for StoryCorps Recordings

The format of the recordings often take the form of an interview. These interviews are generally conducted between two people who are familiar and friendly with each other. This often happens to be family, friends, or associates. Traditionally there is a StoryCorps architect who leads the contributors through the recording procedure. There is a maximum time period allotted of forty minutes per interview. Each contributor gets a free copy of their recording on a CD. There is also a suggested donation of fifty dollars. This donation is meant to help pay for the documenting expenses. After the documentation, if the participant agrees, a copy of the conversation is then preserved at the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center.

Ways to Record with StoryCorps

StoryCorps offers various methods through which people can verbally document their narratives.

  • Story Booth
  • Mobile Booth
  • StoryCorps App
  • Services like the Door-to-Door service, the StoryKit, the Do-It-Yourself service, and a “Great Question” list to spark ideas.

StoryCorps Initiatives

StoryCorps works in partnership with various companies, businesses, and foundations throughout the nation. There are several specific enterprises that they are trying to raise awareness for. Among those groups are:

  • The Memory Loss Initiative
  • The Justice Project
  • The September 11 Initiative
  • The Griot Initiative
  • The Memory Voices Initiative
  • OutLoud

StoryCorps Public Projects

There are four various public projects that StoryCorps is currently involved with. Those projects are:

  • MobileBooth Tour
  • StoryCorps Legacy
  • StoryCorpsU (SCU)
  • The StoryCorp Archive

Awards that StoryCorps has received

  • 2007 Peabody Award
  • 2011 Peabody Award for the StoryCorps’ 9/11 Initiative
  • 2015 TED Prize for Dave Isay’s StoryCorps app

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