NPR News Programs: Ask Me Another

Among NPR’s most listened to programs is the radio puzzle series Ask Me Another. The host is Ophira Eisenberg who is a comedienne from Canada.

Structure of NPR News’ Ask Me Another

This NPR program is broken up into either four or five sections. Each section is centered around a puzzle subject, trivia, or some sort of wordplay. Between each segment, there is conversation from the hosts. There is often an interview included in the show. Regularly, at least one of the puzzles is played by the visitor of the week.

The majority of the puzzles have participation from two competitors. The breakdown of every puzzle is described to the competitors prior to starting. The typical objective of each puzzle is to get the highest amount of correct answers throughout the game. If each contestant happens to answer the same amount of correct answers, then an additional question is posed. The champion contestant advances along with the other victors to the last puzzle at the finale of the program. The final round is a sequence of trivia questions with answers sharing a common theme- this can be along the lines of answers that contain the name of a kitchen utensil. This last game is played in the manner of a spelling bee where if a player doesn’t provide the correct answer, the following player gets a chance to answer the same question. If one contestant gets the correct answer, the players who answered incorrectly are removed from the game. This continues until only one contestant remains. The winner receives a token piece of memorabilia and the joy of getting to be featured on the program.

Styles of Puzzles on NPR’s Ask Me Another

Musical Puzzles

The hints are either based in the words that are sung by a musician or the music itself, then the players have to figure out what the meaning is.

Rhyming Puzzles

The players are given a catchphrase at the start of the puzzle round in which their answer must rhyme with that phrase.

Mashup Puzzles

Two ideas are summoned by one hint and the player needs to provide the accurate combined-together ideas.

This, that or the Other Puzzles

This is a traditional puzzle on the show. An item is declared and the players are required to correctly identify where it belongs from three different classifications to choose from.

Word Puzzles

Letters of a word, that is given in a hint, are scrambled or distorted deliberately to supply the answer that players must provide.

Puzzle Creators for NPR’s Ask Me Another

Each of the program’s puzzles are originated by game experts. There have been various puzzle experts since the program’s conception; including Will Shortz, Cecil Baldwin, Mary Tobler, Will Hines, John Flansburgh, Art Chung, Greg Pilska, and John Chaneski.

How each episode of NPR’s Aske Me Another Ends

The episodes of Ask Me Another often conclude with one more mini puzzler: as the presenter cites the credits naming those who contributed to the episode, assorted persons names are then translated into anagrams (a phrase or word that is created by rearranging the letters of a differing phrase or word, usually using all the original letters exactly one time).

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