NPR Radio Hosts

One distinguishing feature consistent throughout all of NPR’s programming is how incredible the hosts are. Every program has seemed to find the perfect person or persons to fill the needs and style of the particular broadcast. Another (less defining) aspect that many have pointed out regarding the wonderful hosts are their equally great names, and we have to agree not only are the NPR News hosts perfectly suited to their program, but they also have amazing voices perfect for radio and their names seem to be as engaging as their commentaries.

Popular NPR Radio Hosts

  • Terry Gross
  • Guy Raz
  • Ira Glass
  • Renee Montagne
  • Scott Simon
  • Audie Cornish

Terry Gross

Terry Gross is the esteemed host of the NPR News Program Fresh Air. In the most general terms, this is a daily interview program in which Terry Gross interviews a vast array of cultural figures. The episodes are richly engaging, drawing the listener intimately into the conversation. Terry Gross has interviewed thousands of guests throughout her forty-two years in this role.

Guy Raz

Guy Raz is the host of multiple NPR News Programs. Three of his most listened to programs are How I Built This, Wow In The World, and the TED Radio Hour. One aspect that sets him apart in his hosting capacities is that he created and hosts NPR’s original podcast meant for children – Wow In The World.

Ira Glass

Ira Glass is the much-loved radio personality and host of the weekly episodic program This American Life. Over the forty plus years he has worked in public radio, he has gained a lot of experience and time to hone his voice, which he has done expertly. He always had a clear vision of what he wanted to share with the world and would not let anything get in his way. Listeners would agree that this was an excellent decision. Just under two million listeners tune in weekly to hear what he and his team have to share.

Renee Montagne

Renee Montagne was the co-host of one of NPR News Radio’s most listened to programs, Morning Edition. While this program has had various hosts, Renee Montagne remains a favorite and one who still comes to mind when you hear the mention of Morning Edition. She helped listeners start their day for twelve years, ranging from May of 2004 to November of 2016. Her work has been recognized through the reception of over a dozen various awards.

Scott Simon

NPR radio host Scott Simon is known for his work presenting Weekend Edition Saturday. He is one of the nation’s greatly adored broadcasters and writers.  He brings a fun and fascinating spin to the news that listeners can’t get enough of. He has been the recipient of many prestigious awards throughout his time.

Audie Cornish

Audie Cornish is the co-host of NPR News Radio’s wildly popular program All Things Considered. Prior to her position hosting All Things Considered Audie Cornish hosted NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. Many listeners tune in to hear the captivating stories this accomplished writer and news journalist have to share with us.

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