NPR News is astutely aware of the way in which the world is shifting to the way it listens to and consumes public radio. To keep up with this, NPR News developed NPR One to provide another delivery method. It is important to NPR News that they still get their programs across in whatever mode people are using – wherever, whenever listeners can connect.

NPR One is a streaming audio application produced by NPR. It was originally released in July of 2014. The goal of the app is to provide a more accessible way for listeners to tune into NPR News. This is different than just downloading or subscribing to specific NPR News programs. The app streams local NPR stations (live) and NPR podcasts. It auto plays content while allowing effortless navigation.

Basically, NPR One connects you to a flow of public radio broadcasts, narratives, podcasts, and news configured specifically for the listener. Updating, inticing, stimulating, and unexpected. Reaching all corners of the world to the smallest bits of each metropolis. This becomes community radio created individually for you.

Highlights of NPR News’ NPR One app

From our hands to your headphones.

You could be anywhere – in a coffee shop, on a run – just put on your headphones, tap your phone, and NPR One begins playing. Your flow of content is meticulously customized, personalized by hand, designed, each day to include fresh content from NPR News as well as homegrown public radio stations.

Individual, not rigid.

While your content flow is individualized to bring you the content you desire, it’ll always play the leading daily coverage of news and the content you didn’t realize you wanted to hear. It’ll introduce you to content that are interesting to you.

Connected locally and globally.

Even with the expanse of public radio available to you, you won’t lose touch at home. Local news and podcast episodes are smoothly interspersed into your audible experience. Regional stories, locally reported, are brought to you daily. NPR deeply believes in the importance of community.

NPR each place and any place.

With NPR One, listeners can consume public radio in a fresh and convenient way. It can be with you at home or on the go. It’s there for its listeners – wherever ‘there’ might be.

Continually absorbing information from your habits:

Just put on your headphones, press the icon on your device, and NPR One begins streaming. NPR One learns about you. You can skip what you don’t find appealing, or tap the lightbulb to communicate that you find a story pleasing. NPR One streaming app will be transformed into your own personally curated radio station.

A curated experience:

NPR One beings with current news stories and then changes to a stream of content that is of your interests – stories that expand your thoughts, develop associates, enhance your existence, and inspire your ideas. Completely mindfully compoiled and updated by hand, every day, just for you.

Find your new favorite:

Swipe over to find mindfully curated narratives and highlighted shows. New programs will be suggested throughout time as you tune in.

Looking for something?

Whether you’re trying to find a new favorite program or searching for a narrative you heard earlier, NPR One, the NPR streaming app has it taken care of. 

Supported Devices

Since introducing the NPR streaming app, NPR One has made this service available on increased channels. These avenues include Apple Car Play, Apple Watch, Windows mobile devices, Samsung Gear S2 and S3, web browsers, Chromecast, Android Auto, Android Wear, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.


•    A curated stream of NPR and local station news and stories

•    Skip, rewind, pause, and share

•    Swipe over to Explore to find stories, programs, and podcasts suggested for you

•    Plunge into your local newscast, stories, and podcasts by taping on your Home public radio station logo

•    Worldwide, national, regional, and local content

•    A clear, instinctive interface

•    Sleep timer including five presets


NPR One is rated within the top twenty (and frequently in the top ten) of News apps, according to App Annie.

The iOS App Store displayed NPR One as the top app to appear in the shop below the category “News: Listen Up!” (news audio apps).

The New York Times included the NPR One app as one of “this year’s best apps” in their “2016 in Review.”

NPR One Data Protection

NPR appreciates how important privacy is to its listeners. They are committed to transparency and the way in which they collect, use, and share their user’s information.

The privacy policy can be read:

NPR One on the Web

If you don’t feel like using the app but are still interested, NPR One can also be found on the web. Just go to to listen.

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